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Can I invest as a business?
Can I invest as a business?
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Yes. When you input your details just be sure to click business under Investing entity and add the legal company name and number.

If you invest as a company you will be prompted to extra KYC checks. Depending on the structure of the entity, we may require:

  1. Certificate of incorporation or equivalent (and certificate on change of name if applicable)

  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association (or equivalent)

  3. List of directors and proof of address of two officers.

  4. List of beneficial owners (including directors)

    1. We carry out KYC / KYB on all significant beneficial owners of the company (>25% shareholding)

  5. Confirmation that the investment is made for the company’s own account and not on behalf of any other party OR as a nominee vehicle on behalf of others.

    1. If made on behalf of another party, we require a list of beneficial owners and do the “individuals” KYC and AML process on the individuals.

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