Fund structures must provide appropriate information in order to prove that the sources of funding for an investment are legitimate.

A fund must provide EITHER all of the following:

  • A recent export from the fund's bank account, detailing transactions.

  • Certified Copy of the LPA or equivalent constitutive documents detailing purpose and structure of the Fund and details of the LP's (names and addresses)

  • Business or individual source of wealth information for each beneficiary of the fund.

OR they may provide the following:
A letter on headed paper signed by the Fund's lawyers certifying that the Fund has carried out appropriate KYC and AML checks, including source of wealth checks. on the investors and confirming the source of wealth is legitimate, in compliance with UK and EU regulations.

Generally, providing the above information will suffice. However, we reserve the right to request additional information until we are satisfied that our internal AML standards have been met.

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