When the deal is ready to close, we agree the final investment amount and legals are updated and signed by the founder. After the countersign, funds are wired and the deal is closed.


Every investor in an Odin deal subscribes to the following items by checking boxes on the deal pages:

  1. Platform user agreement - covering Join Odin Limited's relationship with you, and the declaration of trust between you and the investing vehicle.

  2. Syndicate Terms and Deal Sheet: Specific deal terms outlining things like the investee company, type of asset being purchased, carried interest, voting and pre-emption. These are available on the deal page of the company you choose to invest in.

Post-close, you will receive access to this documentation as well as a certificate of ownership outlining your investment, any fees charged by Odin and your current holding in the investee company via the Odin SPV.

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