As per the Vehicle & Pricing page, we take 5% deal carry on any capital we introduce.

This is a selective process, and we do not approve all deals for promotion to our network. Once you let us know you want to raise via Odin's community, and we approve, the process is as follows:

1. Create/Share Investment Memo

Investment memos (including link to a pitch deck if available) are essential for community focused rounds. You can copy Odin's template investment from here.

In parallel, we'll provide you with a link to an Airtable form, which our members can you use to express their interest in investing. We'll embed this in the investment memo.

2. Post on Slack

Once the memo has been published, you're invited to post a short punchy post (more effective if personalised) including key deal details in Odin's private Slack workspace.

You'll link to the investment memo and to the form so members can express interest in investing. You'll also answer any questions our members have as they do their due diligence.

Zoom AMAs: One thing you can do to increase the likelihood of a successful raise is offer an online ask me anything (AMA) session with the company founders/you for those who are interested in investing. This will give them a chance to get to know the company better and do their due diligence. These sessions can also be recorded and shared in the original Slack post.

3. Odin Introductions

We'll work hard to fill your allocation. This includes:

  • Tagging relevant members on Slack; and

  • Targeted emails to members who are interest in the sector relevant to your deal.

In exceptional circumstances, we can organise/co-host bespoke events with LPs to build interest in the company.

4. Newsletter Feature

Every Wednesday, we publish our weekly newsletter, which has a curated audience of ~900 readers. This is where we showcase the people leading deals via Odin.

We find this works well as members are more likely to invest when they can see the expertise and experience of the syndicate lead (i.e. more trust).

Throughout this process, you'll be supported by Odin's Head of Community.

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