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⚒️ Preparing to launch your deal
⚒️ Preparing to launch your deal
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1. Deal Creation

The first step in the process to launch an SPV is to log in and create a deal:

Syndicate Lead: Set up an SPV

Here we gather essential information on the investee company and the deal structure.

  • You need to provide the term sheet and other relevant investee documents for the round (disclosure letter, shareholders agreement, articles of association for the investee company, deed of subscription, etc. as applicable)

  • We automatically generate all the legal documents covering proxying of voting, carried interest etc

The form contains explanations for each piece of information required. But you may want to read more about the different types of vehicles we can set up and the associated costs. If so, go to Vehicles.

2. Odin Team Review

Once the draft deal is submitted, information is automatically sent to Odin's database.

We will review this information and reach out if more information is required.

It may be that further information is needed before we progress to the next stage.

3. Investee Company - Know Your Business (KYB)

We contact the company that will be receiving your investment.

We will carry out KYB checks and ask them to agree to our investee terms using this form:

These checks are required to establish and verify the identities of parties involved in the deal, and in order to ensure they agree to our terms.

Read Odin's investee terms here.

4. Entity Creation

For the "Entry" or "Founder" options, Odin Investments Limited will serve as the entity on the cap table.

For the "Standard" option, we will create an entity for you with a name of your choosing.

5. Finalising

Once we've finalised the deal page, we'll share it with you for final approval.

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