The process to launch and fund a deal with Odin can be broken down into three steps, with 10 sub-steps.

On this page, we provide a top-line overview. This is followed with the granular details of each step, additional information on the legal structure, etc.

Before launching a deal with Odin, we recommend that you read through this process, and also take a look at the other articles in our user guide. If you still can't find what you're looking for, email us at [email protected] or drop us a message on WhatsApp.


  1. Deal Submission
    The first step in the process to launch an SPV is to log in and submit your deal in platform

    Syndicate Lead: Launch a syndicate

    Here we gather essential information on the investee company and the deal structure.

    • You need to provide the term sheet and/or other relevant legal documents for the round (Advanced Subscription Agreement, SAFE Note, Share Purchase Agreement, etc. as applicable)

    • We automatically generate all the legal documents covering the creation of the vehicle, proxying of voting, carried interest etc.

  2. Odin Team Review
    Once the draft deal is submitted, information is automatically sent to Odin's database.

    We will review this information and then email you if more information is required.

    It may be that further information is needed before we progress to the next stage.

  3. Investee Company KYB:
    Following draft submission we contact the company that will be receiving your investment. We carry out KYB checks and ask them to agree to our investee terms using this form:

    These checks are required to establish and verify the identities of parties involved in the deal, and in order to ensure they agree to our terms.

  4. Entity creation (for new Branded deals only): we incorporate a nominee for the syndicate. You also have the option of using our existing (Odin-branded) vehicle at lower cost. More information on pricing and options is available here.

  5. Finalising: we publish and alert the syndicate lead when the deal goes live. From here investors can be invited.


You invite your investors to the deal via a link. Investors create an account (if they don’t have one), go through KYC/AML, sign and wire funds by bank transfer (global, multi-currency). All banking and payment flows are handled by Odin.

Sign and Complete

  1. Reconcile Investment amounts are verified and finalised in line with our fee calculation & billing process.

  2. Sign Once funds are reconciled, the Odin operations team review all documentation and sign the investee company documents under the syndicate lead’s instruction. The syndicate lead does not sign these documents - Odin manages this. Funds are then wired to the investee company.

  3. Wire Funds: Send to investee company, net of any fees

  4. Complete: Investors are issued finalised investment documents, including a certificate of beneficial ownership showing the assets they hold via the SPV. S/EIS certificates (for UK investors) and K1’s (for US investors) are issued later on.

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