Our pricing includes management of voting and pre-emption, lifetime administration, client money / banking, VAT, disbursements on exit, FATCA and PFIC filings for US investors, etc. It will also soon include additional features like reporting, portfolio tracking, and much more.


  • $1,400 / £1,000 / €1,200 deal structuring fee plus 1.9% of funds raised, capped at $2,500 / £2,000 / €2,400 maximum.

  • £70 per additional investor above 25 investors

  • We use an existing entity, and Odin's name is on the company's cap table.

  • Only for founders. No ability to charge carried interest or charge investors.

  • Voting proxied to founder or chairperson.


  • $1,500 / £1,100 / €1,400 deal structuring fee plus 1.8% of funds raised, capped at $5,100 / £4,500 / €4,800 maximum.

  • Voting proxied to syndicate lead.

  • We use an existing entity (Odin Investments Limited), and Odin's name is on the company's capitalisation table.


  • $3,000 / £2,000 / €2,500 deal structuring fee plus 1.6% of funds raised, capped at $8,000 / £7,000 / €7,500 maximum.

  • Voting proxied to syndicate lead.

  • We incorporate your own vehicle (a UK limited company that acts as nominee shareholder). Your name on the cap table.

Regarding our Standard or Branded fees, you can choose to charge either side of the deal (your investors, or the investee, or yourselves), although we recommend that you charge your investors pro-rata to the amount they invest.

Founder fees are paid by the investee company.

You may also opt to charge investors a fixed fee or a percentage of their commitment in addition to our fees.

Feeder Fund

  • Custom fee (allocation and legal complexity)

  • Syndicate Lead responsible for distributing the quarterly fund report provided by the Manager (if applicable).

Capital Introductions

On selected opportunities, we can introduce additional capital to the deal via our network.

We take 5% deal carry on any capital we introduce.

There is more information on how capital introductions work here.

How are Odin's Platform Fees charged?

Fees can be:

  1. Added on top and billed pro-rata to investors (most common)

  2. Covered by the syndicate lead

  3. Covered by the investee company

If you bill fees pro-rata to investors on top of their investment, they pay an estimated fee at the time they transact. Fees are then calculated and finalised at the close of the round, once the final raise total is confirmed. There are no advance fees. The mechanics of how our fees are billed are detailed here.

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