An overview of the types of investment entity you can use for your deals, and the costs.
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Please ensure you select the "founder" tab if you are a founder.

Feeder Funds

  • If you wish to invest in a fund, we charge a custom fee (based on the legal complexity and number of distribution events)

  • Syndicate Leads are responsible for distributing the quarterly fund report provided by the Manager (if applicable).

Capital Introductions

On selected opportunities, we can introduce additional capital to the deal via our network.

We take 5% deal carry on any capital we introduce, and a 3% investor fee on top of our standard deal fees If the fee cap has already been reached.

How are Odin's Platform Fees charged?

Fees can be:

  1. Added on top and billed pro-rata to investors (most common)

  2. Covered by the syndicate lead

  3. Covered by the investee company

If you bill fees pro-rata to investors on top of their investment, they pay an estimated fee at the time they transact. Fees are then calculated and finalised at the close of the round, once the final raise total is confirmed. There are no advance fees.

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